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How to stop your eviction in Houston during COVID-19

Posted by Lisa Gonzalez | Sep 17, 2020 | 0 Comments


DISCLAIMER: I am not a real estate attorney.  I am a criminal defense attorney.  I am posting this information to pay it forward.


The other day, I was attending a juvenile zoom hearing on a case where my client who was on probation was behind on his payments to the court and probation and to top things off, his mother was laid off work due to COVID and was having trouble paying rent.  The Judge who was hearing the case, listened to the amount of arrears, the family status, and overall family circumstances and paused.  He shook his head and leaned into the computer camera. He then told us he could not in good conscience demand the fees knowing the family was struggling to keep a roof over their head during an unprecedented world pandemic. He showed grace and mercy.  He didn't have to.  But he did.  He was everything a judge should be - when a judge should be. 

Driving to pick up my little girls from school after this hearing I was listening to the radio and heard a segment about the CDC eviction moratorium proceedings in Houston. The segment discussed how only 1 out of 100 evictions used the CDC form to stop their eviction from happening. The reporter talked about how shocking it was that no-one either did not know about the form at all or did not know how to get it. 

Having these two things happen in one day was not a coincidence. So here is what I know and what I can do. I know my clients are people who generally work in industries strongly impacted by COVID-19 (hospitality, retail, and bar).  I know that many of them have either lost their jobs or have had hours cut. I know that because of the loss of wages from reduction of hours they are struggling to pay for necessities of life, much less the requirements of their conditions of Court. To help them out, I am providing a link to the CDC eviction moratorium form here. We can all use a little grace and mercy in these times.  

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