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  • DWI

    Knowledge of laboratory procedures and standards are essential when fighting breath or blood test cases. Have a lab-trained lawyer fight for you.

  • Defender from day one

    I have never been a prosecutor. Since the day I was licensed, I have spent my career defending people accused of crimes. Let me help you too.

  • Why us

    It’s about you. Defense work is so much more than defending against charges. It’s about making your problem my problem. It’s about representing you the way I’d want to be represented. That’s the only way we succeed.

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I am a not your typical defense attorney. When most people meet me they are surprised to learn I am a defense attorney. My response is always the same, “You are surprised I help people?” That is what I do. I help people when no one else will. My other core values are:


I know this is likely your first time dealing with the criminal justice system.  I know you are probably scared of what could happen in the case and how it might affect your job, career or family.  When you choose me, you not only get someone to help you in your case, you get someone to help you understand all the options available to you and how to prepare for this ordeal.


The day you stop learning you start losing.  Learning is essential to growth.  I am always learning new techniques to assist my clients. Innovation also means solving problems creatively for my clients.


I want all citizens accused to have the best representation possible. I treat my clients like I would want to be treated if I was in their shoes. Sometimes there are collateral, non-legal issues that relate to charges or outcomes I ensure my clients are informed of all the potential effects related to resolving their issue.


No two cases are alike. There are a variety of factors that could influence how the State wants to prosecute you. But there are just as many solutions that resolve the case in a manner tailored to you. I listen to where you are in life, in your career, and what goals you have to tailor a defense that is as individual as you.


"Criminal defense is changing because forensics is changing. I am at the forefront of this change. I have taken some of the most advanced training in lab testing available to defense attorneys in the US. I know where science and evidence overlap and how to defend you in cases involving lab examinations."

- Lisa Gonzalez


Trusting someone to fight for you is a big deal. Finding an attorney doesn’t have to be. Call us and schedule a case evaluation. Let’s get started